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NAME : Alan Forrest  MLfi Dip.RSA Cert Ed

TEL: 01670 544448

Email :


Gas Fitter was established by Alan Forrest. Alan a Gas Consultant with over 25 Years experiance of the gas industry working as an Executive with contracts such as BP Energy LTD and Rolls Royce. Now Company Director of a group of companies as a Plumber, Combustion/Gas Engineer, Lecturer, Trainer/assessor/verifier.


Professional qualifications

Gas Safe Reg No: 125570 (15 years)

C.I.T.B. Reg No: 139621

Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (Affiliate)

I.F.L.  institute for learning Reg No: ab105234 (Member)

Domestic gas acs:

ccn1 domestic gas safety

cen1 domestic central heating

ckr1 domestic cookers re-assessment

wat1 domestic water heaters

htr1 domestic fires and wall heaters


Commercial gas acs :

ciga1 commercial indirect fired heating appliances

icpn1 commercial pipe work first fix

tpcp1a commercial test purging pipe work >1m3

codnc01 commercial gas safety

cort1 commercial radiant tubes

cbhp1 booster/compressors and high pressure pipe work

cdga1 commercial direct fired appliances

tpcp1 commercial testing & purging commercial pipe work > 1m3

conglp1 LPG

Commercial catering acs: cocn1,comcat 1 & 3

Commercial acs laundry

Registered Un-vented citb  installer :  Reg 1994

1986 NCFE Plumbing Cert (d596-1-01) pass

1994 City and guilds 6030/01 Plumbing craft certificate  Pass

1994 City and Guilds 6030/03 pass with credits

1994 City and Guilds 6030/04 pass

2005 Energy efficiency city and guilds level 3:  Part L compliant

2008 citb Health & Safety test

CRB Full enhanced disclosure May 2009


Completed Professional and Teacher Training

PGCE/Pcet. Certificate in Education Sunderland Uni Year 1&2. (pass yr1 June 2008 and Yr2 2009)

A1 Assessors award (pass 08)

V1 Verifier (Passed July 09)

CPD Continuing Personal & Professional Development

B Ed(Hons)  Bachelor of education (ongoing)

V2 Verifier(ongoing)


Completed contracts,work history

Main contractor to B.P. Energy ltd: Industrial gas engineer nursing homes (contractor) Ended 2001

Working on all leading make appliances including Ideal, Hamworthy, Dumphy etc

to reactive maintenance to industrial heating systems.

Working with BP energy LTD to work on site at Rowntree’s chocolate plant working on industrial

steam production system for ongoing daily maintenance.

Rolls Royce: Sunderland to renew turbine blade burners (contractor) Ended 2001

Was working as the main contractor renewing sites industrial burners and boilers.

Steam shell(25 bar),water tube,coil,vertical tubless,2,3,4 pass boilers

Daily maintenance of plant Inc;Blow downs,level bubble inspections,tds,chem fill i.e.

oxy scavenger,pump test,alarm resets,fuel swaps;Insurance inspections,doors off,

tube and chamber inspect for pitting carbon and ultrasonic inspections.

Burners: Direct,indirect fired,pressure jet,rotary cup,lp(1mw),hp,duel fuel.

Power stations,hospitals,schools,nursing homes,factories,restaurants.

Free standing,modulars,atmospheric work including; ppm,strip,de coke,commission of; ideals,hamworthy etc.

Meters:Diaphram up to u160,160 mtrs/3h and Turbine eg imeter up to 4000 mtrs/3h

Meter analysis Flue/oxygen to 21%/Co hydrogen compensated sensor to 100k ppm/No nitric oxide to 5000 ppm

Nox to 100 ppm/sulphur dioxide so to 5000 ppm\or toxic nitrogen dioxide No2 to 1000 ppm/flue,inlet temp.

with kane 450 and 940.


Ongoing Teaching

Highly motivated individual keeping the learners expectations close to heart. Passing my skills onto the future generation is very rewarding knowing the contribution being made to all involved is very rewarding. Using my vast knowledge of the industry I am very keen to expand on my commitment to the industry providing invaluable assistance.

I have been lecturing with an ofsted outstanding team including Level one to Four Plumbing and Gas City and Guilds lessons with 100% pass rates.

I have vast quality assurance experience with ACS approved gas centres and ensure the quality of the Accredited Certification Schemes are upheld as a part of my V2. My roles have included working with colleges to provide ongoing support, advice and guidance to the schemes requirements. I have and maintained a sound in depth and up to date knowledge of the regulatory requirements as detailed by UKAS and the ISO 17024 standard, I also provide technical expertise to approved centres and help them to improve the delivery of  their qualifications to ensure the quality of assessment and verification meets the national standards through:

Giving feedback to centres in the form of written and verbal information and support and clarifying issues and concerns.

Sampling candidate assessments and monitoring assessment and verification practices in ACS Gas centres.

Ensuring decisions on competence are consistence across centres.

Discuss with candidates and assessors to check the validity and authenticity of portfolios, records of assessment and claims for certification. Provide advice, guidance and support.

Carry out internal verification of portfolios ensuring we are identifying and providing for any special assessment needs of candidates and have mechanisms in place to ensure fair assessment and training in place.

Providing positive feedback on good practice and encouraging the on-going quality of assessment

Identifying areas of non compliance or needing further development and agree action planning.

Monitoring assessor/iv competence, experience and personal development in line with CSA requirements

Monitoring assessor/iv support and standardisation.

To maintain my own continuous professional development by working towards V2 and b Ed (hons) and further.

We have built a comprehensive set of teaching recourses including interactive white board lessons to paper based questions and answers sessions and software to help and identify grades, training needs and efficiency panning.