Steam The supply fabrication 100% xray and hydraulic testing of 150 diameters
50 bar pressure steam main to enable the testing & commissioning of
Nuclear submarines.

Petrochemical Installation of fire ring main for the Petrofina Oil Storage Terminal at
Avonmouth. Convert top loading facility to bottom loading for the Gulf Oil
Terminal at Roath Docks Cardiff.

Chemical Process Dow Chemicals LTD – Firemain pipework plus Aluminum product piework
Royal Ordnance Factory the green field site installation – Nitric Acid and
Sulphuric Acid plant and the fabrication and installation of a new HMX
High explosive plant.

Water The fabrication and site installation of fusion bonded epoxy powder coated
Pipework for various pumping stations the welding and testing of 17 Kilometers
Of 1200mm dia pipeline including 2 major river crossings. The pre-fabrication
And installation of 900mm-dia pipework coated in Skotchkote 204n including
Free issue pump sets weighing approx. 20 tons each.

Gas The construction of various pressure reducing stations and pig trap launcher
Receiver sites throughout the South West of England.
Commercial Gas Safe Registered No 526053


We have experience for the following types of work connected to the GAS industry.

To excavate install pipework backfill and carry out reinstatement.
Construct concrete structures such as bases for equipment security fencing access roads.
Lighting, governor buildings in GRP or brick.
Carry out welding of pipework over 50mm diameter up to any size,
apply non destructive testing if required, and hydrostatic testing of larger installations.

Recent Projects.

Camphill Community Trust.

Locate underground gas supply and change from PE where enter the building,
supply steel sleeve and steel into meter house, tightness test and purge, then re-commission.

Dean & Dyball

Installation and testing of a new 150 diameter natural gas supply from governor skid to new boiler,
at New Earth Solutions Avonmouth.

Lin Pac.

Installation of 120 meters of 100nb gas pipe to feed 880 KW washers,
the work included all welding, strength, tightness testing and purging to IGE/UP/Edition 2.
The supply of the schematic drawing for the gas meter station.

Hilton Hotel

Decommission 80mm gas line to two 300kw boilers install two new valves for future use,
carry out tightness testing to  IGE/UP/1 Edition 2 and carry out direct purging to IGE/UP/1 Edition 2,
then reinstate the existing gas supply. All work carried out during night time.

HMP Whitemoor

Installation of commercial gas manifold within the kitchen of a maximum security prison.
Tightness testing and purging to IGE UP1

Telford Copper Cylinders,

Upgrade overhead 32mm diameter natural gas line to 50mm to eliminate gas starvation.

North Lindsey College

Locate gas leak on underground PE line repair, carry out tightness testing and purge to IGEUP 1.

Confectionary Craft Ltd
Hopper Hill Road,

Installation of 50mm gas pipe to feed five number kilns.

N G Bailey.
Derriford Hospital

Installation of 3 boilers 6 megawatt with 150mm diameter N G feed to each, including all High Pressure
Hydrostatic test on completion strength test the gas pipework and carry out purge to IGEUP1.

N G Bailey
British Ceramic Tiles.
Bovey Tracey,

Carry out installation of 200mm 100mm and 89mm gas pipelines feeding five kilns. Carry out strength
Test on completion then purge to IGE UP1